Wildlife and nature

Show the diversity of nature online

People love watching animals online. Eagle’s nests, kittens playing or crocodiles in the wild have hundreds of followers daily. Let the audience see what you do and they will more easily support your activity - whether you are a shelter for injured or lost animals, a zoo or a breeder.

  • Select a spot where this happens most often and stream 24/7 without the need for further intervention.
  • The advantage is that you can shoot multiple angles with the rotating camera
  • Install the camera shots on your site or broadcast for free on popular social networks, such as YouTube Live or Facebook Live.
  • Use CamOverlay to add your graphic or an ad for your organization.

A stork nest in the rescue station

The popular transmission from the stork nest is monitored by hundreds of people every day. The Makov Rescue Station in the Czech Republic, where the handicapped storks live, uses this project as a case study for raising funds for its activities.

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