Meet the innovative NetRex platform

NetRex is a smart, innovative platform that enables direct connection to AXIS IP cameras without complicated configuration. At the same time it provides the possibility of additional services in the form of modules. It’s enough to choose.


01 NetRex Monitor
Live video and recordings from different cameras and locations
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02 NetRex Counter
Measuring and reporting of shop attendance
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03 NetRex Streamer
Transfer live video to web pages
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04 NetRex LPR
Recognition and registration of vehicle registration plates
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05 NetRex TimeLapse
Creation of time lapse videos
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01 IP cameras
Wide range of Axis cameras
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02 NetRex Box
Local storage for recording archives
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03 NetRex Mobile Switchboard
Solutions for installations in sites with limited Internet and power supply
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04 NetRex Surveillance Station
Solutions for live viewing and camera control
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NetRex offers a solution tailored according to your needs

Our solution is suitable for a wide range of areas and disciplines. See examples of solutions in several selected areas.

Individual fields

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NetRex Box

Powerful local storage for recording archives with a lot of other advanced features.


NetRex Box

Record – archive recordings from Axis IP cameras

NetRex Box is our advanced and preset local network storage with advanced functionality, which enables you to effectively store records at the best possible quality.

Sophisticated recording device

Do not let anything escape you. The sophisticated and smart NetRex Box Recorder is designed to complement your NetRex platform. The combination of high-quality local logging and recording on the NetRex platform at lower resolution is the optimal solution for ensuring the integrity of video and audio data. Remote uploading is useful as a backup in case of theft or destruction of the NetRex Box, while local logging secures the data even when the Internet crashes. Rely on a powerful recording device!

Advantages of the NetRex Box

01 Easy and fast installation - +

Just plug the NetRex Box into the same network as the camera using an Ethernet cable and turn it on. You do not even need a public IP address. Forget a complex configuration; it’s easy and fast.

02 Storage variability - +

The NetRex Box’s local network video recorders have a storage capacity of 1TB in a desktop version up to 24TB in rack design. Select the storage size according to your needs and requirements!

03 Compact dimensions - +

The great advantage of NetRex Box is its size. The desktop version with dimensions of 197 mm (W) × 63 mm (H) × 220 mm (h) can fit comfortably on a desk, wall, or in the work area of your office or shop. Server version with 1U height saves space, too. Compact for all areas!

04 Maximum performance - +

NetRex Box has a powerful quad-core Intel® processor that can handle up to 64 cameras with 64-bit architecture and a refined operating system. Make the most of the NetRex Box performance and do not let anything restrict you.

05 Low consumption - +

NetRex Box’s biggest advantages include low power consumption. This reduces your operating costs, which in a single year can fall by as much as CZK 3,000 compared to a conventional PC. Think economically but also ecologically. NetRex Box saves money and nature! Do it with us.

06 Video transcoding - +

NetRex Box automatically convert saved recordings to optimal resolution for a device or data network. With new quick playback capabilities, viewing records is more comfortable than ever before. Don’t wait, NetRex Box can handle it quickly.

07 Surveillance station - +

The NetRex Box can also work as a surveillance station. You can connect it to a screen or large TV and monitor up to 4 live cameras. Ideal for smaller operations or shops. If you want to monitor more than 4 cameras, our NetRex Surveillance Station is suitable for you, as it can handle a video wall with up to 64 cameras at the same time. Want more!

08 Checking the functionality - +

Leave constant checking up to us. The NetRex Box communicates with the central platform and immediately alerts you to any issues. Any deficiencies and problems will be reported to you by e-mail or a Push notification. You do not have to worry that something won’t work without you knowing.

09 Maximum safety - +

All recordings are as safe as possible. In addition to local storage, recordings are stored on backed NetRex servers so they are always available for your needs. Security is a priority for us. Rely on us!

10 Regular updates - +

The central NetRex platform provides a remote NetRex Box upgrade that can be located anywhere. Keep your local storages up to date with the latest software!

Technical parameters of the NetRex Box

NetRex BoxDesktopRackmount
PriceNB1130 (1 TB) - 279 € excl. VAT
NB1230 (2 TB) - 319 € excl. VAT
NB1330 (3 TB) - 359 € excl. VAT
NB1430 (4 TB) - 399 € excl. VAT
NB1630 (6 TB) - 469 € excl. VAT
NB1830 (8 TB) - 549 € excl. VAT
NB4135 (3 TB) - 789 € excl. VAT
NB4235 (6 TB) - 899 € excl. VAT
NB4335 (9 TB) - 1 019 € excl. VAT
NB4435 (12 TB) - 1 179 € excl. VAT
NB4635 (18 TB) - 1 649 € excl. VAT
NB4835 (24 TB) - 1 959 € excl. VAT
Maximum number of connected camerasup to 64up to 64
ProcessorIntel® Quad – Core J1900 (2 GHz) Intel® Quad – Core J1900 (2 GHz)
Memory4 GB (DDR3 1 333 MHz)4 GB (DDR3 1 333 MHz)
Hard disks1× SATA 6 Gb/s 7 200 ot./s4× SATA 6 Gb/s 7 200 ot./s
Available capacity1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 / 8 TB3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 18 / 24 TB
Network card1× Gigabit LAN 10/100/1000 Mbps1× Gigabit LAN 10/100/1000 Mbps
Data formatH.264H.264
Video transcodingYesYes
Record storage on an external deviceYes (1× USB 3.0, 2× USB 2.0)Yes (2× USB 3.0, 2× USB 2.0)
Option to connect an external screenYes (1× HDMI)Yes (1× HDMI)
Continuous surveillance of device functionality 24/7YesYes
UPS supportYesYes
Maximum consumption25 W55 W
Dimensions220 (w) × 197 (h) × 63 (th.) mm437 (w) × 503 (h) × 43 (th.) mm
Weight 2.0 kg14.1 kg
Operating conditions5 °C – 35 °C5 °C – 35 °C


Flyer of NetRex Box


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