Meet the innovative NetRex platform

NetRex is a smart, innovative platform that enables direct connection to AXIS IP cameras without complicated configuration. At the same time it provides the possibility of additional services in the form of modules. It’s enough to choose.


01 NetRex Monitor
Live video and recordings from different cameras and locations
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02 NetRex Counter
Measuring and reporting of shop attendance
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03 NetRex Streamer
Transfer live video to web pages
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04 NetRex LPR
Recognition and registration of vehicle registration plates
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05 NetRex TimeLapse
Creation of time lapse videos
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01 IP cameras
Wide range of Axis cameras
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02 NetRex Box
Local storage for recording archives
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03 NetRex Mobile Switchboard
Solutions for installations in sites with limited Internet and power supply
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04 NetRex Surveillance Station
Solutions for live viewing and camera control
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NetRex offers a solution tailored according to your needs

Our solution is suitable for a wide range of areas and disciplines. See examples of solutions in several selected areas.

Individual fields

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NetRex LPR

An online service that allows you to recognize and record vehicle registration plates of stationary and moving vehicles, including advanced search features.


NetRex LPR

Identify – recognition and recording of registration plates

NetRex LPR is an online service for identifying and recording registration plates for both moving and stationary vehicles. It also works for the subsequent search for required registration plates from the acquired records and for launching automated operations based on their detection.

NetRex LPR for parking lots, operations, and cities

Go online with the NetRex LPR service, which acts as a checking and access tool. Thanks to its features it is suitable for parking lots, premises, operations, and cities. This smart cloud service alerts you  in the case of a stolen vehicle, provides information about the time of the vehicle occurrence, or it can act as evidence in any complaints from car service centers, automotive shops and other operations. Discover the power of video analytics!


Advantages of NetRex LPR

01 Easy installation - +

Simply connect the provided IP cameras to the Internet and log in to the web application. The fast and easy installation saves you not only time but also money. Save!

02 One device - +

A small application will be uploaded to one IP camera that will extend its functionality. The surveillance camera will become smarter and able to recognize registration plates. One device is just enough.

03 Quality software - +

The state-of-the-art OCR software running directly in the camera performs analysis in order to reliably locate vehicle registration plates from most countries around the world, including the recognition of multiple registration plates at the same time. Bet on quality that is world-renowned.

04 High accuracy - +

The performance of the analytical application ensures a high accuracy of vehicle recognition up to 80 km/h in day and night conditions. Do not let anyone slip away. Rely on 95% accuracy and maximum relevancy of data.

05 Reliability and resistance - +

The clear graphical interface provides the necessary configuration features and allows you to quickly search for and download various moments in the recordings. Work efficiently through the web browser you know.

06 Maximum data security - +

Secure and backed-up NetRex servers store all information and sensitive data on detected registration plates. All data is at maximum security and available for the duration of the service. Security is a priority for us, let it be so for you!

07 Effective advanced search - +

NetRex LPR allows you to search for a specific registration plate, the time of the vehicle presence in a given image and the country of origin of the vehicle. A video record and detailed photo of the registration plate are also available for individual results. Search quickly and efficiently.

08 Smart Event Module - +

A smart event module identifies the occurrence of important or selected vehicles by including the given registration plates in special lists. This enables you to automate the entry of employees’ vehicles onto the premises or to alert you to suspicious vehicles. Keep track of every situation.

09 Automatic reports - +

Automatic reports will arrive in your e-mailbox at exactly the specified time with a minute accuracy. Do not waste your time with lengthy access to all systems and enjoy simple and quick work with detailed reports that get to you on their own.

10 Application Interface - +

The application interface allows you to transfer information on the found registration plates into systems that you can work with and know like the palm of your hand. Work efficiently in the environment you are used to.

Technical parameters of the NetRex LPR

NetRex LPRBasicPremium
Price46,90 € without VAT / month54,90 € without VAT / month
Volume discountsPlease contact our sales department.Please contact our sales department.
Website accessYesYes
Mobile accessYesYes
Accuracy of recognitionup to 95%up to 95%
Simultaneous recognition of several platesYesYes
Central data storageYesYes
A live view of the cameraYesYes
The number of simultaneous remote accesses to the camera25
Remote video and audio recording (NetRex servers)Maximum 720p / 10fps, guaranteed 7 days of recordingMaximum 1080p / 10fps, guaranteed 45 days of recording
Local video and sound recordingMaximum camera resolution and frame rate, up to 7 days of recordingMaximum camera resolution and frame rate, up to 45 days of recording
Easy access to records and searchesYes, even from more cameras as wellYes, even from more cameras as well
Export dataYesYes
Automatic reportsYesYes
Continuous surveillance of system functionality 24/7YesYes
Logging of eventsYesYes
Secure SSL accessYesYes
Event notification by email / push notificationsYesYes
Subordinate user accountsYesYes
Access to system features through the application interfaceYesYes
Customer supportE-mail and telephone (working days 9:00 - 18:00)E-mail and telephone (working days 9:00 - 18:00)
Possibility to acquire extended support (SLA)YesYes

NetRex Add-ons


The NetRex platform also allows the use of a variety of add-ons. You can choose from pre-prepared ones or it is possible to create a tailor-made add-on. For example, you can receive a regular report in your e-mail where you can find time when your store was opened or closed, photo shots of the shop windows or actual temperature of the freezer box. There are a lot of other options and possibilities.


Flyer of NetRex LPR service


NetRex is used by the following clients, for example: