Get to know cloud video platform, NetRex

NetRex is a cloud platform that facilitates the remote operation of cameras and other network elements. It allows a direct connection to AXIS IP cameras without the need for complicated configuration. Find all the services you use in one place.


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NetRex offers solutions exactly according to your needs

Our solutions are suitable for all industries and sectors. Take a look at some examples of solutions in various selected settings.

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A modern and safe city awaits.

Sophisticated camera system for city police and authorities

In today’s world, cities must increasingly contend with their citizens’ demands for safety and the technological modernization of their services. Watch live or recorded footage from problem areas, of road traffic, record vehicle license plates or broadcast council meetings or indeed any sporting or cultural evidence live on the internet. Make your city fit for the new millennium!

Take a step into the future

Keep on top of everything with AXIS smart IP cameras. These cameras are connected to the internet and instantly upload their data to the cloud. You can therefore connect to the systems wherever and whenever. A complete overview, always and everywhere!

Be smart in how you look after your local area

IP cameras constantly monitor problem zones and detect suspicious situations. After detecting such a situation, you will be informed via email or push notification to your mobile. During such situations, surveillance cameras can enable high-quality recording and launch a range of automated actions (notification of the relevant staff member, automatic playback of an audio recording through the camera’s speakers, or the activation of traffic lights). Search and playback of these critical events is both quick and easy. It has been proven that the installation of such cameras reduces criminal activity significantly.

Get to know NetRex Monitor

Easily monitor up to 64 locations at once

The NetRex Surveillance Station, developed by us, is a modified, powerful mini-computer that can be connected to any monitor or projector, allowing you to track and manage up to 64 cameras concurrently. You can therefore follow what is going on where, directly from your office. Similarly, you can be notified of the movements of a particular vehicle and be in a position to react promptly. Keep an eye on your cameras at all times.

Get to know the NetRex Surveillance Station


Record who is driving on your roads

Our video analytics tools are able to read license plates from a camera feed and save this information to the system. If needed, you can then look up any specific plates and launch the corresponding camera recording. Thanks to this service you have a comprehensive overview of the vehicles around you. This is a great tool for police, who can easily monitor vehicles or roads or in public car parks. 

Get to know NetRex LPR

Monitor sites even without fixed internet access

Thanks to the NetRex Mobile Switchboard you can keep an eye even on more remote locations without a strong internet connection. This is a completely automated device that only needs a power supply to function. It takes care of the rest itself. Within a couple of minutes, you will have a live feed and the option to take a recording to view at a later date. It is also specially designed to be installed on a streetlamp, where it charges itself from the power of the streetlamp during the night and runs on batteries during the day. The switchboard can also be combined with a police loudspeaker so that you can communicate with anyone at the given site even before the police patrol arrives. Don’t leave anything to chance!


Why choose the reliable and verified mobile switchboard from NetRex?
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Mobile connection to the internet
  • Resistant against external threats
  • Smart power supply with a backup battery
  • Secured against theft and damage
  • Wi-Fi point for site
  • Optimized for NetRex services
  • Power and data through one camera cable
  • Remote camera restart
  • Unbeatable price


Get to know NetRex Mobile Switchboard

Be transparent and broadcast live

Transparency is the buzzword of the moment. To this end, you can use live broadcasts of your local council meetings. A host of Czech towns and cities are already successfully streaming to the delight of their residents.

Live camera feeds from problematic traffic zones are another practical service you can offer your residents or support tourism. You can also broadcast popular public social happenings or sporting events. Access to recordings after the broadcast is a given. Reach people online!

Get to know NetRex Streamer

Customer testimonials

“Smart recording of vehicle license plates has helped us significantly improve road safety.”
Luděk Wachtl, Zdiby Municipal Police

“NetRex’s monitoring service in combination with the mobile switchboard has helped us effectively detect misdemeanors and criminal activity even in locations which we’ve not been able to reach before.”
Lubomír Plachý, Kyjov Municipal Police

“We purchased a camera system and surveillance station for the police station and now we are able to monitor all sites including the car park and critical sections of road, all in one handy place.”
DiS Eduard Dlhopolček, Holešov Municipal Police

“On the live stream of our new panoramic camera, you can see the Jizera mountains, the Ještěd ridge as well as the centre of the town of Liberec. Skiers appreciate the footage from nearby ski resorts, Ještěd and Javorník. You can also overlay weather information onto the camera feed, including a 24-hour forecast.”
Jitka Volfová, Liberec Regional Office

“An increasing number of our residents asked us if we can start to broadcast council meetings online, as is the case for many other towns. Thanks to NetRex they have been able to watch our meetings for more than 5 years and stay up to date with all the important things that are happening in their town.”
Jiří Vintiška, Mayor of the Prague Čakovice district.





Customised camera system


We will design the most appropriate solution for your business, install and train your employees. Our technical support team will ensure operations are not disrupted and we’ll help with GDPR and other legal requirements. We have more than 12 years of experience in this field and currently have products in over 1,500 stores and construction sites. Put your faith in the professionals!


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