Meet the innovative NetRex platform

NetRex is a smart, innovative platform that enables direct connection to AXIS IP cameras without complicated configuration. At the same time it provides the possibility of additional services in the form of modules. It’s enough to choose.


01 NetRex Monitor
Live video and recordings from different cameras and locations
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02 NetRex Counter
Measuring and reporting of shop attendance
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03 NetRex Streamer
Transfer live video to web pages
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04 NetRex LPR
Recognition and registration of vehicle registration plates
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05 NetRex TimeLapse
Creation of time lapse videos
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01 IP cameras
Wide range of Axis cameras
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02 NetRex Box
Local storage for recording archives
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03 NetRex Mobile Switchboard
Solutions for installations in sites with limited Internet and power supply
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04 NetRex Surveillance Station
Solutions for live viewing and camera control
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NetRex offers a solution tailored according to your needs

Our solution is suitable for a wide range of areas and disciplines. See examples of solutions in several selected areas.

Individual fields

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NetRex Counter

An online service that measures and reports store visitor rate using software stored directly in Axis IP cameras.


NetRex Counter

Count – business performance in numbers

NetRex Counter is an online service that measures and reports store visitor rate using software stored directly on Axis IP cameras. The NetRex Counter is also a great performance indicator, for example, to evaluate individual stores. Thanks to this service, you can also efficiently schedule shifts or better evaluate marketing events. NetRex Counter counts for you!

Base your decisions on real facts

Use this clever online service that will take your company forward. NetRex Counter is the ideal choice for retail. When it connects with your cash register data in your stores, it will tell you how many visitors have actually become your customers. You can track the conversion rate.

Don’t know how many employees to allocate to the store? This innovative service will find out for you. Balance out the number of staff to customer satisfaction. Discover the NetRex Counter and you will see that you will have a few worries less.

Advantages of NetRex Counter

01 Quick and easy installation - +

Thanks to sophisticated counter communications and our servers, installation is very easy and fast. You can do it yourself or our technicians will take care of it. Save time and money right from the start – during installation.

02 High reliability - +

The NetRex Counter service is highly resistant to Internet failures. Due to constantly checking for proper device functionality and overall service, you can rely on maximum data relevance. Don’t let anything and anyone escape!

03 Secured data - +

Secure and backed-up NetRex servers maintain the data stored for the duration of the service use. This will make your information always available for your needs. And security? This is a priority for us! Keep all data safe.

04 High accuracy - +

The counting camera software analyzes passing groups of people including the direction of their movement. You can rely on high precision - up to 99%! Let the NetRex Counter count for you.

05 One device is enough - +

One single camera connected to the central platform can reliably analyze passing groups of people. No unnecessary cameras, computers and other extra equipment. Trust us, one piece of equipment is enough!

06 Smart interface – work from computer and mobile phone - +

The Advanced Smart Interface provides the necessary data in the form of graphs and spreadsheets. You can work with this interface on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Work with your data smartly!

07 Automatic reports - +

Automatic reports will arrive in your e-mailbox at exactly the specified time with a minute precision. This means you do not have to waste time accessing the system. The NetRex Counter saves your time.

08 Simple connection with Excel - +

The NetRex Counter automatically fills in an Excel sheet on the visitation of your shop at regular intervals. No more manual, boring filling of tables. Rely on the NetRex Counter, which is also friends with Excel!

09 Cash register data - +

The NetRex Counter can easily and quickly combine traffic information with cash register data. This gives you an accurate metric for the performance of the evaluated store. And you will learn how many shop visitors actually become your customers. Clear and reliable information on conversion rate. Keep an eye on everything.

10 All the data in your systems - +

A Smart Application Interface assures you have all the data you need in your systems. Work with data efficiently and in an environment you know perfectly.

Technical parameters of the NetRex Counter

NetRex Counter
Price24,90 € without VAT / month
Volume discountsPlease contact our sales department.
Measuring accuracy: 95–99 %
Recognizing concurrent passersbyYes
Protect the privacy of passersbyYes
Website accessYes
Mobile accessYes
Automatic data reportYes
Online connection with MS ExcelYes
Data exportYes
Central data storageFor the period of the service usage
Resistance of counting against Internet outagesYes
Continuous surveillance of system functionality 24/7Yes
Logging of eventsYes
Secure SSL accessYes
Event moduleYes
Notification of events by e-mailYes
Subordinate user accountsYes
Access to system features through the application interfaceYes
Customer supportmail and telephone (working days 9:00 - 18:00)
Possibility to acquire extended support (SLA)Yes

NetRex Add-ons


The NetRex platform also allows the use of a variety of add-ons. You can choose from pre-prepared ones or it is possible to create a tailor-made add-on. For example, you can receive a regular report in your e-mail where you can find time when your store was opened or closed, photo shots of the shop windows or actual temperature of the freezer box. There are a lot of other options and possibilities.


Flyer of NetRex Counter service


NetRex is used by the following clients, for example: