Meet the innovative NetRex platform

NetRex is a smart, innovative platform that enables direct connection to AXIS IP cameras without complicated configuration. At the same time it provides the possibility of additional services in the form of modules. It’s enough to choose.


01 NetRex Monitor
Live video and recordings from different cameras and locations
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02 NetRex Counter
Measuring and reporting of shop attendance
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03 NetRex Streamer
Transfer live video to web pages
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04 NetRex LPR
Recognition and registration of vehicle registration plates
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05 NetRex TimeLapse
Creation of time lapse videos
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01 IP cameras
Wide range of Axis cameras
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02 NetRex Box
Local storage for recording archives
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03 NetRex Mobile Switchboard
Solutions for installations in sites with limited Internet and power supply
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04 NetRex Surveillance Station
Solutions for live viewing and camera control
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NetRex offers a solution tailored according to your needs

Our solution is suitable for a wide range of areas and disciplines. See examples of solutions in several selected areas.

Individual fields

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NetRex TimeLapse

An online service that allows you to easily create time lapse videos using a surveillance IP camera.


NetRex TimeLapse

Present yourself – effective time lapse videos with IP camera

NetRex TimeLapse is an on-line service that allows you to easily create time lapse videos using a dedicated IP camera. It regularly uploads and sends snapshots of the site to the central NetRex servers, where they are prepared for further processing.

An effective presentation that says more than words can

NetRex TimeLapse is the ideal tool for perfect promotion and dispute resolution. Presentations in the form of time-lapse videos. Thanks to this live view, you can easily discuss progress with partners and other employees. Notwithstanding, the fact that you can discover the various mistakes and problems of your business from the snapshots you have taken, saving you a lot of money.

Thanks to this, NetRex TimeLapse is a particularly ideal service for construction sites. It will bring your construction closer to your employees, investors and customers from the foundation-laying to its completion. Efficient course of construction in several minutes! NetRex TimeLapse offers a variety of options you’ll take advantage of. Bet on an image that says more than words could.

Advantages of NetRex TimeLapse

01 Project presentation - +

Perfect presentation of the project on your website. Allow visitors to browse through images or present your project progress by embedding videos from a YouTube channel. Rely on a presentation that will attract your visitors.

02 Top-of-the-line cameras - +

The high-quality Axis IP cameras offer a perfect image with up to 20 megapixel resolution and provide the optimal solution even for the most demanding installations. Settle for real quality.

03 Simple and fast configuration - +

NetRex TimeLapse allows you to set up regular image saving at intervals from 5 minutes to 24 hours. At the same time, you can select a specific date and time when you want the images to be taken. Record everything you need simply and quickly!

04 Important moments under supervision - +

Using the SD card as a cache is an invaluable feature that will keep your data stored even when the Internet crashes. All data will be stored on the SD card until it can be sent to the central NetRex platform. You don’t have to wait even a minute!

05 Interface for each browser - +

The advanced interface allows you to quickly browse, download and delete your captured images, and export time lapse videos from the images for the selected period. At the same time, you can work with images in an environment you know – in any web browser. Work efficiently.

06 Video exports - +

One-time video exports as well as automated periodicals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Create videos for regular meetings or present the previous month’s project progress with pictures from working hours. A quick solution that will not hamper you.

07 One camera = several different videos - +

When using a rotating IP camera, the NetRex TimeLapse cloud service allows you to capture images from individual camera positions. With one camera, you can create multiple different time-lapse videos to impress your audience. One single camera for multiple videos.

08 Maximum safety - +

Encrypted access, data transfers and automatic detection of all events. This is complete control over the entire system in which your data will be safe. Ask for maximum safety, which is a priority for us. We will give it to you.

09 For an overview others - +

Subordinate user accounts with detailed logging of their activities. Thanks to this, your employees can also access your cameras, but you will stay in control. Keep everything under control!

10 Checking the functionality - +

The system constantly monitors the functionality of cameras, recording processes and other services. In case of problems, you are immediately notified via an application, e-mail or Push notifications to mobile devices. Thanks to the connection to the central platform, we will solve most problems remotely and save costs on your and our technicians. We will take care of the central checking of functionality!

Technical parameters of NetRex TimeLapse

NetRex TimeLapse
Price58,90 € without VAT / month (price does not include camera purchase and installation)
Volume discountsPlease contact our sales department.
A live view of the cameraYes
Image resolutionMaximum resolution of the camera
Interval of taken images5, 10, 15, 30 minutes; 1, 4, 6, 12, 24 hours
Remote image recording (NetRex Servers)Yes (for the duration of the service)
Local recording of imagesOptional backup to SD card in the event of a local Internet crash (3 GB of space)
Support of PTZ camerasYes
Easy access to records and searchesYes
Continuous surveillance of system functionality 24/7Yes
Logging of eventsYes
Secure SSL accessYes
Event notification by email / push notificationsYes
Subordinate user accountsYes
Access to system features through the application interfaceYes
Customer supportE-mail and telephone (working days 9:00 - 18:00)
Possibility to acquire extended support (SLA)Yes


Flyer of NetRex Monitor service


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