Meet the innovative NetRex platform

NetRex is a smart, innovative platform that enables direct connection to AXIS IP cameras without complicated configuration. At the same time it provides the possibility of additional services in the form of modules. It’s enough to choose.


01 NetRex Monitor
Live video and recordings from different cameras and locations
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02 NetRex Counter
Measuring and reporting of shop attendance
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03 NetRex Streamer
Transfer live video to web pages
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04 NetRex LPR
Recognition and registration of vehicle registration plates
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05 NetRex TimeLapse
Creation of time lapse videos
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01 IP cameras
Wide range of Axis cameras
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02 NetRex Box
Local storage for recording archives
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03 NetRex Mobile Switchboard
Solutions for installations in sites with limited Internet and power supply
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04 NetRex Surveillance Station
Solutions for live viewing and camera control
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NetRex offers a solution tailored according to your needs

Our solution is suitable for a wide range of areas and disciplines. See examples of solutions in several selected areas.

Individual fields

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NetRex Monitor

An online service for comfortably watching live video and viewing camera records from different cameras and locations in one place.


NetRex Monitor

Keep everything under control - live and in records

NetRex Monitor is a cloud service for a remote surveillance system allowing the centralized viewing of live video and camera recordings from different locations and cameras. NetRex Monitor connects AXIS IP cameras with the NetRex platform developed by us. It’s a comprehensive service thanks to which you will have everything under control.

Effective, smart and comfortable. NetRex Monitor saves time and money

Effective, smart and comfortable. NetRex Monitor saves time and money. Discover this modern and proven service that runs on a robust central platform. For a fraction of your current purchase costs, you can get an easy-to-expand camera system suitable for every location. Just connect.

Advantages of NetRex Monitor

01 Easy and fast installation - +

Just connect the supplied cameras and other technologies to the Internet and log in to the web application. Forget about complex configurations, camera settings, or public IP addresses. Thanks to this, we save your time. And time is money. Simple, fast and easy!

02 Reliable storage and back-up - +

Records are stored effectively – short recordings on the SD card and longer ones in the highest quality on high-capacity disk storage. They are also uploaded to secure remote servers. So your data is completely safe and the tracing of critical events is very simple.

03 Live view from computers and mobile devices - +

You can access your system from any device. From computers, mobile phones and tablets. Streaming servers deliver live video to more viewers at high quality while without slowing down the Internet. And you will have a comprehensive overview of everything.

04 Setting the system behavior - +

NetRex Monitor also offers recording and alerting in important and critical situations. Set your system’s behavior according to your requirements and needs. A smart event module will be appreciated by everyone who wants something extra. Tune the system to perfection and it will not disappoint you in any situation.

05 Quick search - +

SmartSearch function speeds up your search by specifying the region and the time span. Search for recordings according to the time of their creation and the completion of event filters from all storages through a single interface. Our advanced search will enable this.

06 Checking that everything works - +

The entire system continually monitors the functionality of the cameras, processes and services. As a result, in critical situations, you will immediately learn that something is wrong via e-mail or Push message. Due to the interconnection of devices with the central NetRex platform, we are able to solve a large number of problems remotely. The result is saved time and expense for our and your technicians.

07 Safety prevails - +

Encrypted access, data transfers, and logging of all activities in the system. Security is a priority and you can rely on us. All your data will have the maximum possible safety.

08 Multi-level access - +

The system has the ability to create subordinate user accounts with clearly defined rights and detailed logging of their activities. Employees will have access to cameras and you will be able to see exactly what they are doing. Trust, but also check.

09 Smart video applications – keep an overview - +

Smart video apps that work for you. With Axis IP cameras, you can buy smart apps that detect infiltration, find misplaced items, recognize a license plate or, for example, count the number of passers-by. Smart cameras that do not miss anything and alert to the important things. Do not let anything slip between your fingers.

10 Connection for maximum use - +

The documented and developed application interface allows you to create higher functional units and work with the image and recording in the software you are used to. Connect cameras with attendance systems, centralized protection counters, cash registers and other devices to help you know everything immediately.

Technical parameters of NetRex Monitor

NetRex MonitorConnectBasicPremium
Price5,90 € without VAT / month7,90 € without VAT / month15,90 € without VAT / month
Volume discountsPlease contact our sales department.Please contact our sales department.Please contact our sales department.
A live view of the cameraYesYesYes
Mobile accessYesYesYes
The number of simultaneous remote accesses to the camera125
Remote video and audio recording (NetRex servers)NoMax. 720p / 10 fps, Guarantee of 7 days of recordingMax. 1080p / 10 fps, Guarantee of 45 days of recording
Local video and sound recordingNoMax. 7 daysMax. 45 days
Easy access to records and searchesNoYesYes
Continuous surveillance of system functionality 24/7YesYesYes
Logging of eventsYesYesYes
Secure SSL accessYesYesYes
Event moduleYesYesYes
Event notification by e-mailYesYesYes
Event notification on smartphoneYesYesYes
Subordinate user accountsYesYesYes
Access to system features through the application interfaceNoYesYes
Various services within one master accountYesYesYes
Customer supportE-mail and telephone (working days 9:00 - 18:00)E-mail and telephone (working days 9:00 - 18:00)E-mail and telephone (working days 9:00 - 18:00)
Possibility to acquire extended support (SLA)YesYesYes

NetRex Add-ons


The NetRex platform also allows the use of a variety of add-ons. You can choose from pre-prepared ones or it is possible to create a turnkey add-on. For example, you can receive a regular report in your e-mail on when your store opened or closed, photographs of the shop windows or the freezer box temperature. The selection is wide and the imagination is unlimited.


NetRex Monitor service brochure


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